National Super Box

Real Anatolian Cedarwood

No glue or chemical used. Pure cedar
Anatolian Cedar British National Standard Super Box

BS National Super Box Real Anatolian Cedar wood flat packed

Anatolian Cedar

BS National Beehive

BS national beehive made from REAL Anatolian Cedar wood with frames and wax foundation (flat packed)

Anatolian Cedar BS National Beehive

Hobee stainless steel smoker

High quality

this Stainless Steel Smoker is a handy way to maintain control of your bee colony during inspections

Hobee stainless steel smoker
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Hobee National Beekeeping equipment is proud to offer you the best quality equipment with the most affordable price.

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About us

We are a boutique, family-run company established in 2019, based in London, and specialise in the sourcing and distribution of REAL CEDARWOOD beehives from sustainable forests in Turkey. We retail via our own web site and other major selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon. We take great pride in our dedicated customer focus and, unlike larger corporations; we have built and nurtured our client base with a personalised approach to each customer, and a commitment to be here to answer any query regarding our equipment. Both on Amazon and eBay we have a 100% positive feedback truck which makes us proud of our service and goods. Dedication, nurturing, quality; the very ideals that inspired our love of beekeeping now drive our business success.


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What our clients say

Great Frames and wax

Great frames, and quality exceptional, although you might have to trim a few millimetres of the foundation to fit the frame, just use a ruler and Stanley knife, but otherwise can highly recommend. Foundation was the best I ever purchased. Peter

Mark Richard

Exceptional quality, great workmenship, easy to pit together and the best cedar I have ever seen. So haappy

Paul Durbs

Superb quality of product, I will only buy Beehives from this company from now on. By far the best in the market

Mehmed Kani

Excellent manufacturing, sharp and tidy cuts. Great value for money. I will buy more from this seller. Wood is natural and very good looking. Will paint it with danish oil to gove it a long life. Overall very very happy.

Helen Mikel

Delivered in good condition. Easy to assemble with good instructions. Am very happy with this product.