We as Hobee, are a boutique family company specialised in quality beekeeping equipment sourced from sustainable forests. As environmentally friendly people, sustainability is a ‘must have’ for us. Well-managed, sustainable forests are integral to both our planet and the industry we work within. We help plant more new trees than are harvested for our products. To achieve this, we joined the national tree plantation programme called ” Breath for the Future” in Turkey organized by the General Directorate of Forestry and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. We received our certificate of contribution as can be seen in the picture (please see below).

Hobee commits that our products will only use timber obtained from known, legal and well managed forests to avoid contributing to deforestation and forest degradation and to respect the people and communities that depend on them.

All wooden equipment we sell, including Cedar and White pine, must meet the requirements of  the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). All suppliers of products containing timber must continually demonstrate traceability and be able to prove that timber used was legally harvested and traded. Simply we know every detail of the journey of our timbers from the forest to our depot. For example our cedar products are limited in numbers due to the fact that they only permit harvesting of old trees to allow space for the young ones. So every year we can only make certain amount of cedar beehives. Although it is much easier to grown pine than cedar we still work with the people who know the source of our pinewood.

Usually forest products are difficult to trace because, a finished product might include different types of trees, and many products can come from the same tree. But in our case our finish products don’t include different type of trees. We buy the timber, oven dry (or sometimes sundry) them in our facilities and manufacture them in the form of beehives and beehive equipment.

On top of participating to the national campaign we mentioned above,  Hobee also started its own campaign that every time you buy equipment from us we will plant a tree for you. We agreed to support the local forestry department and a high school in Kastamonu to plant plenty of trees for our customers in the Western Black Sea Region where some of our equipment is made from.  We are hoping to be able to email our customers a certificate for the tree they helped being planted with its accurate location. At the moment we helped trees planted in a small seaside town called Cide in Kastamonu. Therefore our customers can feel good when buying our equipment.



Certificate of participation to “Breath for the Future” campaign.