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From Hobby to Hobee- Our Story begins…

About Hobee

In the bustling metropolis of London, nestled within the city’s vibrant landscape, there exists a boutique, family-run establishment that came to life in 2019. Hobee, as we’re known, resides at the intersection of passion and purpose, specializing in the acquisition and distribution of authentic cedarwood beehives sourced from sustainable forests in Turkey. Our journey extends through various selling platforms like our website, www.hobee.co.uk, as well as renowned platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Excellent relationship with our customers

Our pride lies in the essence of our customer-centric approach—a stark departure from the impersonal touch of larger corporations. Every interaction, inquiry, and equipment query is met with a personalized touch, cementing our commitment to unwavering customer satisfaction. Our record of 100% positive feedback on major market places stands testament to our dedication to service and the quality of our goods.

Dedication, nurturing, and unwavering commitment, the very pillars that nurtured our fascination with beekeeping, now form the

cornerstone of our burgeoning success.

Beekeepers are the kindest people on earth

Our bond with the beekeeping community in the UK is steeped in profound respect for the quintessential British values of tolerance, kindness, modesty, and fair play, encapsulated beautifully by the admirable individuals who tend to these buzzing wonders. To witness the true essence of the British character, one need only engage with a beekeeper—a paragon of the virtues we hold dear.

We keep bees too so we understand beekeepers

Born and raised amidst the forests of Northern Turkey, wh

ere beekeeping is a cherished tradition, I grew enamoured with the art of nurturing my own apiary. The conversations with seasoned beekeepers left an indelible mark, particularly the retired teacher whose generosity knew no bounds. He shared his bounty of fresh honey with village children throughout the year and crafted beehives from local woods, inviting the eager ones to partake in inspections. Despite the lack of protective gear, his unwavering affection for the bees endured, leaving an enduring impression on me.

The passage of time led me from the serene landscapes of my village to the bustling streets of Istanbul and eventually to the heart of London. Yet, the allure of beekeeping remained etched in my consciousness. Securing an allotment in London marked the commencement of my beekeeping journey, with my wife and children by my side as loyal companions. We diligently cared for our colonies, often nursing struggling bees back to health by bringing them home one by one. However, the discrepancy in the quality of beekeeping equipment we procured spurred a pivotal realization.

A blessing in disguise

A turning point arose when news of my wife’s company relocating to Germany prompted deliberations about securing a stable income for our family’s future. A decision emerged from our discussions—a venture into the realm of beekeeping by sourcing superior-quality beehives from Turkey.

Respect the experts listen to beekeepers

In September 2019, armed with David Cushman’s designs, the beehives at our disposal, and refined touches from a third-generation Turkish beehive artisan, we ushered improved national beehives into London. Collaborating closely with experienced local beekeepers, our initial sales success spurred us to expand our offerings.

Despite initial scepticism, our perseverance prevailed. Each sale, each interaction, presented an opportunity to refine our craft and serve our clientele better.

The tale truly unfolded with our first customers—individuals from diverse corners of the UK. From an artist in Northern Ireland to a beekeeper in the Scottish Highlands, each encounter sculpted our understanding of efficient logistics and personalized service. Their satisfaction laid the groundwork for referrals that expanded our reach across the country.

Work hard and learn more

Weekends became a ritual of delivering equipment around London, forging connections with remarkable individuals. What began as a business endeavour soon evolved into a heartfelt passion, birthing the signature name in beekeeping “HOBEE.” It bears the name “Hobby”.

A fellow beekeeper, Michael in London, once remarked that our beehives possessed an inherent beauty destined to revolutionize the market—a sentiment that resonated deeply. Engaging in historical dialogues with this erudite beekeeper led to an epiphany: the stories behind our pursuits mattered. Hence, prompted by encouragement from customers, such as Mark from Northamptonshire, Mikhail from Birmingham and Michael from Ireland, I attempt to share our journey in brief.

Give something back to society

Our commitment transcends commerce. Sustainability is a lifestyle for us therefore we support the environment as much as we can. We actively participate in tree-planting initiatives in Turkey and support educational endeavors both in the UK and Turkey. Acts of benevolence guide our path, ensuring that our modest contributions resonate positively within our spheres of influence.

Honest and efficient service

At present, Hobee operates from our enclave in North London, Enfield, spearheaded by our familial unit. Our new depot near Waltham Abbey will be opening soon where the customers can come and pick up what they want at the weekend between April and July. Our identity hinges on integrity, simplicity, swift service, and seamless communication. Our aspirations do not pivot on expansion; instead, we aspire to maintain the boutique nature of our enterprise, preserving the efficiency and authenticity that define us.

Buy direct and save

Our merchandise finds its avenue through our website, eBay, and Amazon. While these platforms offer us visibility, purchasing directly from our website aids in circumventing commission fees, allowing us to channel our efforts more effectively and more affordably.

Thank you for taking the time to delve into our narrative. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of engaging with you in trade and trust that our paths will cross in the near future.

Warm regards,

The HobeeUK Family


For bulk buying discounts and any other inquiries please:

Email us at sales@hobee.co.uk