2 litre rapid plastic bee feeder. Every beekeeper needs these (pick 1, 5 or 10 feeders from the list)


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To support your colony grow in Spring (or when you catch a swarm) or just to feed them during Autumn and spring can use these beefeeders to offer your bees sugar syrup. Bees have access to syrup through the center hole. It is very safe as bees cannot fall into the syrup.

You can see whether the syrup runs out as it is transparent.

It takes two litres of sugar syrup

(You can pick 1, 5 or 10 feeders)

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How do you make sugar syrup: mix 1kg sugar with 630ml hot water if the temperature is around 15-17 degrees. But if the weather is hotter than 20 degrees you can mix 1kg sugar with 1litre water.

NOTE: If you make the syrup too runny (too much water in it) in cold days you may end up making bees sick. They need to be able to fly and get rid of the water content. If you make the syrup too watery and if the bees cannot fly they will get diarrhoea (you can see brownish watery stuff in front of your hives).

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