2 tiers Langstroth beehive, made in Turkey, Hobee quality

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Product Description

We are introducing our Langstroth beehives as many customers asked for them. Please send us your reviews. Happy to improve our items with your suggestions.


Ps: In pictures you only see one tier but it’s actually two tiers. I only assembled one brood box. There is another one in the box.


In the box you will get two tiers langstroth beehive


In the box you will get:

1- mesh floor with varroa inspection tray and bee entrance block (it has bee landing board in front of it)

2- Two brood chambers for 10 frames

3- Wooden bound plastic queen excluder

4-Wooden bound crown board

5-Flat metal roof


It is a Flat packed beehive. However, it takes about 10 minutes to assemble each brood box as we made the holes ready for you. We also added the screws to go with them.


Its made from pine (we call it yellow pine)


Made in Turkey by our manufacturer


Genuinely speaking it is like an art work. Your bees will love it.


Dimensions in cm:

Outside: 50.5×41.5

Inside: 37.5×47.5

Depth: 24.5


Roof:6.5 cm


Postage free in mainland UK

Additional Information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm