Anatolian White Pine National Beehive with landing board with hive tool, beefeeder, 33 frames and 33 wax foundation

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BS national beehive made from REAL Anatolian Pine wood with frames and wax foundation (flat packed)

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BS national beehive made from REAL Anatolian White Pine with frames and wax foundation (flat packed). Beehive has a landing board.

When buying a whole set beehive with frames and wax you will receive:
1. Brood Box x 1
2. Super Box x 2
3. Metal frame runners for brood and super boxes
4. Crown board with 2 cut-outs
5. 4” roof with galvanized metal cover
6. Varroa Floor (including quality aluminium mesh) with slide-out inspection tray
7. Entrance block with summer and winter holes
8. Wire Queen excluder- wooden bound that has 8mm bee space in one side (not similar to the cheap metal or plastic ones seen in the market).
9. 22 Hoffman style self-spacing national super frames (honey frames).
10. 11 Hoffman style self-spacing standard national brood frames
11. 11 BS National standard brood wired beeswax foundation
12. 22 BS National super wired beeswax foundation
13. Stainless Steel Bee Hive Tool

14-1 litre rapid feeder

15. Assembly instructions for the beehive

NOTE: In this order, you will not receive glue, nails or bees (frames probably will have nails)

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