Beginners Set: Cedar Beehive, frames, wax, hive tool, smoker, feeder, professional suit, leather gloves

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We are a very small family company offering you this great beekeeping starter kit with improved Turkish cedar beehive (landing board added), Frames, wax foundation, professional suit, smoker, and other useful tools. Altogether 14 different items. It does not come with bees. Please check the list below.

Please email us what size suit you want (only medium left in stock): 

Our beehives made from sustainable forests without the use of any chemicals or glues in manufacturing with a great story behind it. Please read the details of the beehive you are just about to buy below. If there is any issue with the hives always contact us. We check our messages regularly. We will post with next day delivery curriers. We post anywhere in Western Europe and Ireland (with additional postage fees)

We are the only one selling Anatolian/Turkish cedar beehives in the UK. This type of cedar wood is usually used in home furniture, ship building, luxurious decoration, saunas and instrument making as it is very durable and looks beautiful. These trees can live very long. Those on the slopes of Mt Lebanon are around 2,500 years old. Oldest cedar tree in the UK is thought to be in Highgate Wood- London (300 years old). Cedar is the most mentioned tree in the Bible – always as a symbol of fruitfulness and strength.

When buying a whole set starter pack you will receive:

1- National beehive Real Turkish Cedar with landing board, flat packed- includes:

· Brood Box x 1

· Super Box x 2

· Metal frame runners for brood and super boxes

· Crown board with 2 cut-outs- wooden bound with bee-space in one side

· 4” roof with galvanised metal cover

· Varroa Floor (including top quality aluminium mesh) with slide out inspection tray

· Landing board to attached to the floor as seen in pictures

· Entrance block with summer and winter holes

· Wire Queen excluder – wooden bound with bee-space in one side (not the cheap metal or plastic ones like seen in the market). 

· Complete set of assembly instructions

2- 11 DN4 brood frames

3- 22 SN4 super frames

4- 12 wired brood wax foundation

5- 22 super wired wax foundation

6- Three layered professional suit medium, large and x-large- make sure to pick one size bigger than your usual size (retail price £100)

7- Stainless steel smoker

8- Steel beehive tool

9- Metal frame grip

10- Leather gloves

11- Queen catcher

12- Bee escapes

13- Feeder, 1 litre

14- Bee brush


NOTE: In this order you will not receive glue, nails or bees

Free postage anywhere in mainland UK. All items posted the next working day. In or around London same day delivery possible (please message us for details).

We sell equipment to Ireland with additional postage fees

Scottish Highlands require additional postage fees depending on the postcode.

100% customer satisfactionWe received a lot of fantastic feedback from our customers for our service and quality of our product. If you buy from us you will be the next happy beekeeper.

One customer said we were “the best sellers on Ebay, prompt, honest and always ready to answer questions.”

Another expert beekeeper who has 150 beehives said “I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but you are not selling beehives. You are selling the best beehives with a great story behind it. Therefore the price is bargain. I don’t want discount from you. I just want 10 more please”. I told him I am a professional historian and know the story well J

Another beekeeper from Wales said “you have no competitor as yours are superior to anything I saw in our land. I feel happy for my bees”

One London beekeeper who is artist turned our beehive in to her art work and send us the picture (the colourful one as you can see)

A very experienced Scottish beekeeper said workmanship on the woodwork is amazing and the price for this type of wood is the best on the market).

National Beehives are the most popular beehive in the UK. Cedar beehives are a number one choice for beekeeper in the UK as well.


These beehives are made from 100% natural cedar wood without any edge joining or gluing. We bought the timber from off-cut of a palace decoration. Timber was specially sun dried for 3/4 years to get the traditional outcome. You can sense the wonderfully soft aromatic smell from distance. Our beehives have a lot of personality and the natural knots provide a more rustic look and define the visual character of each of them. Each and every hive is different. You can name them differently as well. Basically you are not just buying a beehive. You are buying a valuable asset with a fantastic story for your household. The knots in the wood are intact, sound and tight (if there is any issue please let us know). All wood is checked prior to packaging but if you see any capillary cracks please don’t worry as they won’t get any bigger. It’s normal with this wood. As said we did not use any glue or chemicals to fill them in. A brush of teak oil or linseed oil can solve the issue if it occurs in many parts.

We are environmentally friendly people. We will not buy any timber if we don’t know the source of it. Any wood we buy comes from sustainable forests. 

No chemicals were used while making these beehives. These beehives are produced by local carpenters who use traditional methods as well as modern machinery (cedar dried naturally first and then sometimes oven dried as well). Each piece is made from a single timber as we did not use machine pressing (edge joining) that involves chemicals and strong glues. Rarely we used wood filler as we avoided edge joining and wood pressing. Our timber was produced from sustainable forests in Southern Turkey- from the legendary Taurus Mountains (where Santa Claus comes from).

You can leave these hives as it is or use linseed or teak oil to give them a fine finish. In home furniture they use these two types of oils. If you have a lot of free time you can do it for fun. Cedar is pitch free and perfectly suited to take virtually any stain, finish (or even bleaching) product, giving the beekeeper or builder myriad choices on the final look.

What is so special about cedar wood?

Cedar wood is widely known for its wonderful aroma and insect-repelling quality. The natural oil inside the wood emits an earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet scent that has made it a favourite choice for wooden water crafts, beehives, interior home furniture, hot tubs, saunas, and even within the sensory palette of your favourite colognes. Cedar wood is solid, durable and by far the best wood for the UK weather for beekeepers. There can be some natural capillary cracks but they will not get any bigger. They will last many many years.

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