BS National beehive, Anatolian White Pine, Full Set, Flat Packed, with landing board


BS National beehive From Anatolian White Pine, top quality workmanship, natural wood, Brand New (this is a new product introduction price for two weeks)

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Product Description

British Standard National beehive From Anatolian White Pine, with landing board, top quality workmanship, natural wood, Brand New (this is a new product introduction price for two weeks)

About Us and the beehive you are about to buy:

We are a boutique, family-run company based in London, and specialize in the sourcing and distribution of cedarwood and Turkish White Pine beehives from sustainable forests.  We take great pride in our dedicated customer focus and, unlike larger corporations; we have built and nurtured our client base with a personalised approach to each customer, and a commitment to be here to answer any query regarding our equipment.

Dedication, nurturing, quality; the very ideals that inspired our love of beekeeping is now drive our business success.

The wood of this beehive comes from the beautiful Black Sea region of Turkey. We make sure the wood is from the sustainable forests. We know the journey of the timber from the green forests to our depot.

In this order you will receive:

  1. One Brood Box.
  2.  Two sets of Super Boxes.
  3. Metal frame runners for brood and super boxes
  4. Crown board with 2 cut-outs- wooden bound with bee-space on one side.
  5. 4″ (10 cm) solid flat roof with galvanised metal cover (assembled)
  6. Varroa Floor (including top quality aluminium mesh) with plastic slide out inspection tray. (assembled)
  7. Floor has a special landing board (you need to screw it in to the floor like the one on the picture).
  8. Entrance block with summer and winter holes.
  9. Wire Queen excluder – wooden bound with bee-space on one side (not the cheap metal or plastic ones like seen in the market).
  10. Assembly instructions for brood and super chambers (the rest is assembled)

Please note in this order you will not receive glue, nails, frames or bees. 

All items dispatched same or next working day. Postage is free anywhere in the mainland UK including most parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We advise you to use paint or use wood protection oil to make sure your beehive lasts many years.

What is so special about Turkish white pine wood? 

The evergreen white pine or ladin belongs to the pine family and is one of the most common conifers. It can reach up to 50 meters and therefore it is the highest local tree in Turkey. The trunk can be up to 2 meters thick. It is characterized by a straight and rapid growth and it adapts easily to its natural environment. These trees can last about 200 years.

The white pine wood of the Black Sea is very light light-coloured when untreated and turns into a yellowish-brown when exposed to sunlight. Turkish White Pine can be worked very well and widely used in production of furniture and beehives. White pine is the most common wood used in beehives in the Black Sea region of Turkey where the climate is nearly the same as the UK. Anzer Honey produced in Black Sea in ladin beehives. White pine grows in many parts of the country but especially the Black Sea region. We used Kastamonu white pine in our beehives. Historically this area was called Paphlagonia and was known as the main source of shipyard timber from Romans to Ottomans.

We tried to use as much knot free wood as possible. It has small amount of resin and takes many oil base finishes and paintings. Glue bonding and surface treatment properties are good. Even left untreated the white pine very rarely allows moisture to pass through. It is known to be good at ventilation for beehives. The wood is durable on facades. It is mown properly and does not bend easily. You will like the handsome look on your beehive for sure.

Sustainability: An ethical corporation.

Each timber purchased is officially checked for sustainability purposes before reaching our manufacturing plant. We pride ourselves as an ethically aware, environmentally conscious supplier. We never buy timber unless we personally have verified the source and checked the credentials of the supplier.

100% natural and chemical free.

There’s another reason why our Turkish White Pine beehives smell like the forest, and why you should insist on our product. Our beehives are made from 100% natural wood, nothing added, and guaranteed without the use of any chemicals. We very rarely used wood filler to cover some capillary cracks. They are produced by local carpenters who use traditional methods as well as modern machinery (they sundry the wood first). Each beehive is made from a single piece of timber and so we do not rely on machine pressing (edge joining) which involves chemicals and strong glues.

Make it your own: Your beehive, your finish.

Of course, the choice of finish is your choice, and you should have it exactly as you wish. You can retain the beehive in its natural, untreated state, or use linseed or teak oil (or any other finishes) to give them a personal touch that suits your taste and surroundings.

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, or a novice, give your bees the best and choose a real wood beehive today. On behalf of HoBee we thank you for your custom.

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