6″ (15cm deep) Flat Galvanised Metal Roof, National Beehive Anatolian Cedar Wood, Solid, heavy


Flat Galvanized Metal Roof, 6″ (15 cm), National Beehive Anatolian Cedar Wood, Ventilated, Assembled

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Flat Galvanized Metal Roof, 6″ (15 cm), National Beehive Anatolian Cedar Wood, Ventilated, Assembled

Dedication, nurturing, quality; the very ideals that inspired our love of beekeeping is now drive our business success.

In this order you will get:

  1. A 6 inches (15 cm deep) cedar wood, flat galvanized metal roof for British standard national beehive
    • Solid cedar inside out
    • With 4 ventilation holes.
    • Anatolian cedar, smells divine. Galvanised metal
    • Comes ready assembled.

Your bees need a nice roof over their head in winter. Tried and tested myself.

Only delivering free to mainland UK (except Scottish Highlands).


What is so special about Cedarwood? 

Turkish Cedar (scientific term is Cedrus Libani) is an ancient and highly prized tree variety, renowned for its longevity, valued for its toughness and versatility. This historic symbol of fruitfulness and strength originate in the Levant, with those Cedars on the slopes of Mt. Lebanon believed to be around 2,500 years old. The oldest Cedar Tree in the UK is thought to be in Highgate Wood, London (300 years old).

Sustainability: An ethical corporation.

The Cedarwood for our beehives is harvested from the legendary Taurus Mountains where many people believe Santa Claus (St Nicholas) originated. Each timber purchased is officially checked for sustainability purposes before reaching our manufacturing plant. We pride ourselves as an ethically aware, environmentally conscious supplier. We never buy timber unless we personally have verified the source and checked the credentials of the supplier.

Why is Cedarwood best for beehives?

Cedar is solid, durable and wind resistant and is therefore by far the best wood for beehives in the UK climate. The natural oil inside the wood makes it less prone to warping. Functional excellence aside, our Cedarwood beehives each have a personality as unique and beautiful as the age-old timber from which it was crafted. Each hive boasts of a personal signature in the grain and natural knots which promises a both a rustic look and individual quality. Each and every hive is different.

But, don’t let the uniqueness of the Cedarwood’s texture concern you! The knots in the wood are intact, sound and tight (in the unlikely event that there are any issues, let us know, we will be here to solve the problem). All parts are checked prior to packaging but if you see any capillary cracks please don’t worry as they won’t get any bigger. It’s normal with this wood, and poses no risk to your beehive.

In addition to quality and beauty, the natural oil of Cedar emits an earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet scent that has made it a favourite choice for quality wooden crafts and many colognes. The good news is this natural scent also has fantastic insect repelling qualities, a natural bonus which will boost the health of your hive and honey production.

100% natural and chemical free.

There’s another reason why our Cedarwood beehives and beehive parts smell so good, and why you should insist on our product. Our beehives are made from 100% natural Cedarwood, nothing added, and guaranteed without the use of any chemicals. Rarely did we use wood filler as we avoided edge joining and wood pressing. They are produced by local carpenters who use traditional methods as well as modern machinery (they sundry the wood first). Each beehive is made from a single piece of timber and so we do not rely on machine pressing (edge joining) which involves chemicals and strong glues.

Make it your own: Your beehive, your finish.

Of course, the choice of finish is your choice, and you should have it exactly as you wish. You can retain the beehive in its rustic, untreated state, or use linseed or teak oil (or any other finishes)  to give them a personal touch that suits your taste and surroundings. Cedar is pitch free and perfectly suited to take virtually any stain, finish (or even bleaching) product, giving the beekeeper or builder myriad choices on the final look.

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, or a novice, give your bees the best and choose a real Cedarwood beehive today.

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On behalf of HoBee we thank you for your custom.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 52 cm