Second grade SN4 standard 50 SUPER FRAMES, from Northern Turkey pine, Hoffman style, Self spacing


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Second OR third grade SN4 standard super frames. Frames have seen some rain on the way. We tried to dry them as much as we could and therefore call them THIRD grade. We got them repacked and made sure put in the box only usable ones. Frames would benefit if you can empty the box in a dry place so there is no moisture left. Even better if you leave them overnight.

There could be purplish colour in some parts but they are ok to use as long as they are dry.

There are around 54/55 frames in the box but I say 50.

Hoffman style, SN4 Self spacing standard SUPER frames

Trees were cut from Northern Turkey pine , Our timber has FSC certificates

We use next day delivery service for most of our orders

If you spend more than £100 delivery is free

We plant trees in the regions where our wood is harvested

These frames are Hoffman style, Self spacing

Obviously there are knots around the frames but I use them for my bees and they are better than most second grade frames in UK.  A customer said I should actually sell them as grade one.

We deliver to  UK mainland and also Northern Ireland with little extra postage charges